In 2013 I was not able to find anyone to manufacture real authentic dental grillz in Russia. I have started by understanding the process and finding the right specialists that also did not know much about making grillz, but were ready to give it a try. After the first success, music artists and media people started asking to manufacture grillz for them too, so GrillzLab was emerged. Every time the process refined and perfected, GrillzLab was using only high quality materials such as silver or gold, plus specifically made dental and jewelry materials that are used during the manufacturing process. Now we have a team of people and a large portfolio of finished grillz accessories that may be seen in our website, instagram and many hip-hop videos of the clients. GrillzLab has re-created grillz culture in Russia and it is now well recognized even abroad.

Our clients : Oxxxymiron, Smoky Mo, Gangsburg, Kizaru, DMasta, Nadezhda Sisoeva, Sil-A, Nanik, Nel, Bat Norton, Rhyme Magazine and more..

Rob Ryda, Founder

Grillz is a jewelry accessory for teeth that can be put on or taken off at any time. Its manufactured with the use of the dental imressions of the actual wearer. This accessory is made from the precious metals and can be additionally decorated with precious stones or with a precise computer engraving unique to the owner.

Early grillz were noticed on the teeth of the hip-hop artists of the 80s, but they came to be popular only quite recently. In 2005, a famous artist Nelly has released a song, where he called this literally 'Grillz'. So they went on by this name ever since. Today grillz is the brightest and most widely recognized accessory in rap music. And the number of the followers of this fashion keeps growing everyday. 

As the legend tells, the main figure of this interesting segment of fashion is Eddie Plein, the owner of New York's shop "Eddie's Gold Teeth". The idea of making grillz for the teeth came into his head first. The first clients for such fashion were the legends of that time of the black culture - Flava Flav (Public Enemy), Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap. Eddie Plein, takes the full credit for his 'know-how invention' and keeps grillin fronts for his 'dirty south' clients, such as Ludacris, Goodie Mob, OutKast and Lil John.

Publication from Grillz Lab

* Read in the following issue RHYME MAGAZINE №5/2014

By the version of professor Murray Foreman (North-Eastern University USA),

a man who specializes in the music and hip-hop culture and who has written

a scientific study that tells about reasons behind a man's desire to wear grillz -

it is thought of as being the symbol of material success of its wearer in the first place,

which was many times shown by the artists in the modern video clips and their music.

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