When choosing grillz, first decide which image you want to achieve with the help of this jewelry accessory. It is important to decide how many teeth you want it to be, and which design/style it would have. For a very flashy style you might want to have the grillz for the entire jaw, or maybe even both rows of teeth - the top and the bottom ones. If the desired outcome is only to add some attention to your character, then you could keep it simple and order jsomething special.

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The grillz that celebrities wear, can be thought of as being the real custom made jewelry accessories.

Usually these are very expensive and are made by individual orders in gold, silver or platinum.

The 'basic grill' can be then tuned up by engraving the surface or by setting precious stones in it.
Grillz can be presented in various incredible ways: imitating animal's fangs, 
taking a shape of different

symbolic items or letters from which comes out the name of the wearer and so on.

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